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Auto insurance

When you buy an auto insurance policy, you are buying a package of individual coverage’s. The coverage sections can be grouped in three categories: Liability coverage, Medical coverage, & Vehicle coverage. Each individual coverage protects you against different types of losses. Once you understand the vario us coverage’s, you can decide which ones to include in your personal insurance package. You can also determine the limits of coverage you will need. The following are some common coverage’s found in an auto policy. NOTE: Your policy may not contain all of these coverage’s.

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Home insurance

Dwelling If your home sustains damage or is destroyed by a covered loss, the dwelling coverage will pay the cost to repair or replace your home, up to the limits of the policy. Attached structures, such as garages, pools and patio covers, are typically included in the dwelling coverage limit.

Other Structures The other structures coverage of your policy provides coverage to permanent structures not attached to your home. Other structures include detached garages, fences & sheds. The policy limit for other structures is typically set at 10 percent of the dwelling coverage limit.

Personal Property Personal property coverage pays for the damage, destruction or theft of your personal belongings, up to the limits of the policy. The limits for personal property coverage are typically set at 50 percent of the dwelling limit, but you can request to set the limit at a higher amount. Valuables such as jewelry and artwork require a separate policy or endorsement to the policy to be covered.

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Life insurance

We do everything we can for our loved ones, not because we have to, but because we want to. Whether you’re looking for coverage for a specific period of time or lifelong protection, with the right Life Insurance coverage, you can be happy knowing that your loved ones will be able to live out their dreams, no matter what the future holds.

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